Archival Art Prints, Cards and More

All the paintings created by artist Phil Robinson are now available as archival prints and cards. Click on the 'Shop' menu option above to view the details of the original painting and  you will find a link to the Limited Edition Print and Art Card shopping page. Or click here.

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Framed Miniatures
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Bard and Brush Fine Art Studio is pleased to announce the availability of framed miniatures. Two 5 x 7 inch prints are mounted in double mattes and framed behind glass. The exterior dimensions are 11 x 21 inches oriented according to the images selected. In the sample to the left the images are of landscape orientation so the frame is as well. If, for example, two portrait images were selected then the frame would also be in portrait mode.
Any two images from the gallery may be selected for framing with the caveat that images must be of a similar orientation.
Please note that some images will vary in size depending on their original dimensions and shape.
Click here to see a larger image of the sample.

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Limited Edition Art Prints
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All prints and cards are produced in-house, in the Bard and Brush fine art studio, using state-of-the-art Epson ink-jet technology and the highest quality cotton archival paper. Each print is individually prepared and signed. Most prints are limited edition, generally of 25. Some of the most popular prints may be released in several series of limited runs.
Each print is delivered as a 13" x 19" sheet with white borders. The size of the image will depend upon the size and shape of the original.
PLEASE NOTE - Art prints can be produced any desired size smaller than the dimensions stated in the comments above. Please note the required size in the comments of your order or email your request to the studio when you make your order ( 

Mounting and Caring for Your Archival Print

You can pin your print to the wall (or use 3M picture fasteners) right out of the box, but for best results a
rchival prints should be framed behind art glass and supported on the back by a firm piece of low-acid cardboard. If you have your print framed professionally the framer wil look after all  that for you. You have the option of leaving some of the white border to act as a mat or you (or your framer) may wish to trim the print to whatever size suits the frame you choose.

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Art Cards
An art card is a special gift for a special person... or ... keep it and use the card as an art piece to fit a particular niche in your home. All cards are 5" x 7" with the size of the image determined by the size and shape of the original painting. Cards are shipped with an appropriate envelope and a clear protective sleeve.

Shipping Notes
Limited Edition Prints
The cost of shipping a Limited Edition Print to your door is included in the cost of the print. Prints are sent via Canada Post in a shipping box (approximately 20" x 14" x .5") to ensure the print remains flat. Shipping tubes may be used from time to time but the print then must be carefully flattened out before it can be used.

Art Cards
NOTE: If you live in the Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo (BC, Canada) corridor please contact me at to order your cards. Likely they can be picked up at the studio or delivered without postage costs.
In an attempt to keep the unit price of Art Cards to a minimum we charge a small mailing fee. If you purchase multiples of a given card the mailing fee is charge only once. If you purchase multiple different cards the fee is charged on each card. Currently this is a function of the Paypal shopping cart and so is not within our control.

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