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All the paintings created by artist Phil Robinson are now available as framed archival miniatures. Click on the ''Add to Cart' button. All prices are $CDN.

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Placeholder Picture

*NEW for 2020*               Framed Miniatures
Bard and Brush Fine Art Studio is pleased to announce the availability of framed miniatures. Two 5 x 7 inch prints are mounted in double mattes and framed behind glass. The exterior dimensions of the frame are 11 x 21 inches, oriented according to the images selected. In the landscape sample above, the images are of landscape orientation so the frame is as well. Whereas, in the portrait sample above, the images are of portrait orientation.
Any two images from the gallery may be selected for framing with the caveat that images must be of a similar orientation.
Please note that some images will vary in size depending on their original dimensions and shape.
PLEASE NOTE:  Prior to clicking the Add to Cart button below please specify, in the boxes provided, the images you want using the name assigned to them in the Gallery. If you should forget to do so simply email me at

$135 CDN (includes shipping within North America)

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